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Cigarettes After Sex Release Surprise Song 'You’re All I Want'

After the release of their latest album, Cry, in November last year, Cigarettes After Sex is back with a brand new single. ‘You’re All I Want’, documents the passion and exhilaration of new love, giving you a pleasant escape for you to wrap yourself up in for 4 minutes and 24 seconds.

“Recorded in the summer of 2017 during the sessions for our second album, Cry. The initial takes of the song were finished in the courtyard of the house we were staying at in Mallorca, late in the evening, right as a thunderstorm was rushing in over us. Almost 3 years later, having just moved to LA, I finally wrote the lyrics & they ended up telling a story I saw as a fantasy or dream involving my girlfriend & I. Sort of reversing our roles & retelling the way we met while imagining what a sweet future might look like together…” - Greg Gonzalez


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