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NEWS: Why Generation? Launch Party Cancelled

Why Generation? Issue 3 is still 100% on its way and will be available to buy very, very soon and our blog is still up and running, however, given the current circumstances, we have decided to cancel the launch party.⁣

We would like to give huge thanks to Television Screams, UK Paint Horse and La Vie, we picked each of these bands to play for a reason, and whilst live gigs have been put on pause, use this time to give them a listen and show your support in different ways.

Although from a legal standpoint we are actually able to pursue with this gig (big up BJ 🙂🙃), we feel morally it is our duty to protect the health of all of you. ⁣

Refunds are available from your point of purchase.⁣

Stand strong kids, we will pull through


Check out the new site at whygeneration.co.uk