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  • Henry Chappell

REVIEW: This Is What We're Listening To 2.

Mantra - Yard Arms

A melodic track full of brilliance, that begs for re-listens, due to its effortless power to grow and grow with every play. It feels as if there is something new with every listen.

Mannerism - Cat Ryan

This track belongs in a summer setting, creating a strong longing for warmer days when listened to. Combining Shirati Jazz style guitars, groovy drum rhythms and beautiful vocals, you cannot help but move to this.

Greens - Anyone's Ghost

A ferocious post-punk attack on reality TV, from Anyone's Ghost, full to the brim with influence from the current London punk scene, that captivates the listener from the first aggressive drum groove to the last whine of the guitar. The vocals build and build throughout, until breaking point which invites all who listen to shout along. Watch out for Anyone's Ghost.

Generation Game - The Lounge Society

One of the most exciting tracks I have ever heard. Through the space of 5 minutes, we as the listener are taken on a musical journey, passing by expertly crafted lyricism, captivating tempo changes and explosive guitar. This track stands out from the crowd, elevating the band to the lofty heights of the icons of the Speedy Wunderground label.


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