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  • Samuel Pullen

This Is What We're Listening To 3.

Locals in London - Cornelis Gerard

‘Locals in London’ is a melodic and upbeat song with authentic lyrical content about living in London. The honesty of the vocals creates a soulful connection between listener and artist. This track is made by its charming acoustic guitar and heartfelt lyrics.

Whitstable - Play Dead

A fast-paced, ear-worm of a punk track! Listen after listen you can't help but move to this song with its powerful bass, strong guitar tones and drums that cut through. This track is short-lived in length but long-lived in mind. If any punk song epitomises a British seaside holiday, it's this one.

Bobby - Smile

A powerful, hard-hitting punk track that builds and builds to its massive finale, creating the feeling of an energetic live performance. The aggressive vocals work to make their point, fitting perfectly in with the impressive vitality of the band. This much punk energy begs to be in a live setting.

I'd Gladly Wait - Mosaic

Reminiscent of 2000s pop-punk, this trio quickly works their way into your head with 'I'd Gladly Wait'. From the strong drum fills to the guitar that drives the track forward this song presents itself as a feel-good track that'll get you up and moving for sure.


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