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We asked music fans how they're finding life without live music.

Life feels a bit frozen at the moment, the energy and passion in the live music scene is the perfect form of escapism and fun, and it’s a part of my routine, be it work or social. My whole life revolves around gigs and live music so it’s really strange adjusting to a world without it.

- Sahera Walker

Live music is the sticky floors, beers spilling over your hands from too much dancing, the ringing in your ears after you get out the venue, the sweat dripping down your neck that's ruined your hairstyle; but mainly the sense of togetherness and positivity that come from a room full of people that all love something in common.

- Laura Hooper

Live music provides a much-needed break in the routine of mundane day to day life. It lets us escape for a few hours and enjoy living in the moment. My world feels empty without it.

- James Cahill

The moment you walk into a venue the music drowns out everything. The chattering of your friends, your worries, your daily distractions.

- Tabby Sherring

Whilst it’s been great to see such a strong sense of camaraderie within the music community during this pandemic, I’ve found the feeling of gathering together alongside friends & strangers to watch a gig or DJ set irreplaceable. Standing in a room filled with people to share a common passion for live music is a uniquely brilliant experience.

- Daniel Kirk

I miss discovering new bands and I miss just being able to go to a gig and knowing I'll get to see mates without needing to plan anything.

- Taylor Hetherson

I miss the feeling of walking into a venue and the music hitting you while you search for your friends in the crowd.

- Greta Kaur-Taylor

 I'm missing seeing all the friends I've made through going to gigs - James Barlow

I think I can safely say that for a lot of regular gig-goers, we’re the type of people that thrive on the dizzy high you get after seeing your latest band fad live or from throwing yourself around a mosh pit as an over 18 mode of playtime. Take that away, and you’re in danger of everyday life feeling somewhat flat and uninspiring.

- Laura 'Peggy' Peglar


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